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Proprietary connectors and formats  Empty Proprietary connectors and formats

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Proprietary connectors and formats
Microsoft's original Xbox game console uses standard USB 1.1 signalling in its controllers and memory cards, but uses proprietary connectors and ports.
IBM UltraPort uses standard USB signalling, but via a proprietary connection format.
American Power Conversion uses USB signalling and HID device class on its uninterruptible power supplies using 10P10C connectors.

HTC manufactures Windows Mobile and Android-based Communicators which have a proprietary connector called HTC ExtUSB (Extended USB). ExtUSB combines mini-USB (with which it is backwards-compatible) with audio input as well as audio and video output in an 11-pin connector.

Nokia's Pop-Port connector (discontinued)
Nokia includes a USB connection as part of the Pop-Port connector on some older mobile phone models.
Sony Ericsson used a proprietary connector called FastPort from 2005 to 2009.
The second, third, and fourth generation iPod Shuffle uses a TRRS connector to carry USB, audio, or power signals.
iriver added a fifth power pin within USB-A plugs for higher power and faster charging, used for the iriver U10 series. A mini-USB version contains a matching extra power pin for the cradle.
Apple has shipped non-standard USB extension cables with some of their computers, for use with the included Apple USB keyboards. The extension cable's socket is keyed with a small protrusion to prevent the insertion of a standard USB plug, while the Apple USB keyboard's plug has a matching indentation. The indentation on the keyboard's plug does not interfere with insertion into a standard USB socket. Despite the keying, it is still possible to insert standard USB plugs into the extension cord. The protrusion can also be shaved off with an appropriate blade, or crushed with locking pliers.
Apple also uses a proprietary USB 30-pin dock connector on its iPods, iPhones, and the iPad.
HP Tablet computers use non-standard connectors to transmit the USB signals between the keyboard/mouse unit and the Computer Tablet Unit.
PDMI (Portable Digital Media Interface) is a 30-pin docking connector for portable devices standardized by ANSI/CEA which includes USB 3.0 "SuperSpeed" and USB 2.0 "High/Standard Speed" with USB-on-the-go, as well as DisplayPort, HDMI CEC, 5 V power, and analog audio.
Some digital cameras have their own USB connectors, like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2.
The Army's Land Warrior system uses standard USB signalling with 15.6 V power using a rugedized Glenair connector.

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