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Modes & other features
Other gameplay modes and features have appeared throughout the DDR series.
Nonstop modes contain themed courses consisting of usually 4 songs sometimes with a common theme. All the songs are played in order with no breaks in between, and all share the same lifebar and final score. A variation, Challenge Mode, uses a battery or 4 parts of the dance gauge containing a limited number of lives, with lives lost if a judgment below Great is scored, often with forced modifiers to make reading the arrows harder. The battery or gauge is replenished upon successful completion of each song, although the amount given back is dependent on the unique settings of each course. Endless Mode appears on home version, which allows the player to play through numerous songs one after another. However, Endless Mode continues to queue up songs indefinitely, until the player quits or the Dance Gauge is depleted. The song order is random, but options are available to limit the songs to a certain difficulty or category.
Workout Mode appears primarily on home versions, allowing the player to enter their weight and track approximate calories burned while playing. With the introduction of e-Amusement to the DDR series, calorie tracking has been added in recent versions to regular gameplay.
Event Mode is a game option whose function differs between arcade and home versions of DDR. On arcade machines, Event Mode is an operator setting that disables all menu timers, and not cause a player to fail a song immediately even when their dance gauge drops to zero. Some home versions do not contain the usual "stage" based play that arcade versions use, instead using an event mode like setting by default where unlimited numbers of songs can be played.
Unison Mode appears in 3rdMix, in which both players must dance to a special set of steps for a song. Steps are a single color and fly out from the bottom-center of the screen to each player's guide arrows. Players are not necessarily guaranteed to have the same set of steps.
Battle Mode, introduced in Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix as Dance Magic mode but revived as Battle Mode on SuperNova, is a competitive mode between two players. Each player must play on the same difficulty and is given a shuffled version of the step chart. Creating combos can send one of many different attacks to the other player's side to make it more difficult for them to read their notes. Creating longer combos results in more damaging attacks. These attacks (especially the stronger ones) can include strange modifiers that cannot be selected under normal circumstances. The health bar is replaced by a "tug of war" style gauge to determine the winner.
Step Battle Mode appeared in Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix, where a chart is populated by areas where a player has to "record" steps for the other player, areas where the recorded steps are played, and areas where random steps are sent to each player.
Recent home versions have often contained mission modes, requiring the player to play a song with specific conditions, modifiers, or requiring a specific condition to be met, unlocking new songs and other items if successful. These are often arranged on a grid of sectors or locations, or with a themed series of storylines.
Some console DDR titles have added gameplay elements and enhancements to take advantage of other features or accessories provided by that console. Wii versions have included gameplay integrating with the Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board, the iPhone OS release Dance Dance Revolution S features a mode using the device's accelerometers, and Xbox/Xbox 360 versions have featured online play and downloadable content over Xbox Live

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