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Critics of the language raise several points. First, since C++ includes most of C as a subset, it inherits many of the criticisms leveled at C. For its large feature set, it is criticized as being over-complicated, and difficult to fully master.[25]
Other criticism stems from what is missing from C++. For example, the current version of Standard C++ provides no language features to create multi-threaded software. These facilities are present in some other languages including Java, Ada, and C# (see also Lock). It is possible to use operating system calls or third party libraries to do multi-threaded programming, but both approaches may create portability concerns. The new C++0x standard addresses this matter by extending the language with threading facilities.
C++ is also sometimes compared unfavorably with languages such as Smalltalk, Java, or Eiffel on the basis that it enables programmers to "mix and match" object-oriented programming, procedural programming, generic programming, functional programming, declarative programming, and others, rather than strictly enforcing a single style,[citation needed] although C++ is intentionally a multi-paradigm language.[1]
A fraudulent article was written wherein Bjarne Stroustrup is supposedly interviewed for a 1998 issue of IEEE's 'Computer' magazine.[26] In this article, the interviewer expects to discuss the successes of C++ now that several years had passed after its introduction. Instead, the impostor posing as Stroustrup proceeds to "confess" that his invention of C++ was intended to create the most complex and difficult language possible to weed out amateur programmers and raise the salaries of the few programmers who could master the language. The article contains various criticisms of C++'s complexity and poor usability, most false or exaggerated. In reality, Stroustrup wrote no such article, and due to the pervasiveness of the hoax, was compelled to publish an official denial on his website.[27]
C++ is commonly criticized for lacking built in garbage collection.[citation needed] On his website, Stroustrup explains that automated memory management is routinely implemented directly in C++, without need for a built-in collector, using "smart pointer" classes.[28] Garbage collection not based on reference counting is possible in C++ through external libraries.[29]
The major cause of complaints is C++['s] undoubted success. As someone remarked: There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses.
—Bjarne Stroustrup, comp.lang.c++[30]

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