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Changling Planet Empty Changling Planet

Post  Nasisorico on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:40 pm

Cold and desolate, this planet stands on the brink of destruction. Not by the planet, but by it's own people. The Changlings are a forgotten race, fueled by their desire to be stronger than their brothers. It is this that has nearly caused the planets destruction. The Changlings have made some form of agreement though. A Tournament. They will decide on who will be the strongest by the tournament. The rules are simple, whoever wins, wins the entire planet under his control. The Changlings have no good among them, whoever wins will be a tyrannical ruler in every sense of the term. Even now, lone spaceships are being flung it's way because of the high gravity. By this way, the Changlings have amassed a means of transportation. The King will be able to control all of this. Who knows what might happen as a result? Only time will tell........
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