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Post  Nasisorico on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:47 pm

(My most unique storyline to date. Lul)
Earth, a peaceful, quiet planet from a distance, with rich, lush landscapes, and and big blue waters.
It's when you come on the planet you know something is wrong.
Gone are the cities, everything is gone on the planet. Nothing remains after the Ice Age wiped out everything. However, there are a few humans, who's resolve toughened them for the conditions. As well as a few scientists, who used their brains to get out of the situation. The humans power has grown now. Gone are the days where humans could be tossed aside, they actually have real power coursing through their veins. Their main objective is to once again build a city. The Earth has become new again, thanks to the Ice Age and all. It's just a matter of rebuilding it.......

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