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Post  Nasisorico on Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:00 am

Planet Vegeta, a desolate planet like the changlings, except with a bit of variety. Instead of just being white, it's brown, black, and blue. With a tinge of gray thrown here and there. There's one little problem on the planet right now though.
The King and his son have been assassinated.
This has caused great turmoil among the Saiyans. Some of the weaker ones laying low, while the other, more powerful ones rise up, for a shot at taking some of the leadership. The Saiyans, battle crazed as they are, are great friends with eachother, as showed by going through in missions. Some are more snobbish, but that comes with their immense power. All in all, they have agreed on one thing, a test of strength. Whoever wins, will become King and leader of Vegeta.
Meanwhile, the Tuffles regroup after a job well done. They also need to select a leader, or just go with a true democracy all around.
What will happen? Will the Saiyans find out of the Tuffles existence on their planet again? Will they defeat them, or be defeated? And, will they even choose a king before it's too late?"

Racial abilities for Saiyans

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