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Name: Zetetsu Nirozu
Gender: Male
Race: Saiya-jin
Class: Low-Class
Age: 15
Powerlevel: 1900
Abilities: Fly, Power-Up, Power-Down, Ki Blast, Oozaru

This is a Nirozu clan family secret techinique. It is a Masenko like beam which is quick but deadly. It is usually used to finish their opponent off quickly so they don't have enough time to recover. It is named after the leader of the clan for founding the technique, Zetetsu's Real Father.

Zanto Slash
This is a technique made by Zetetsu himself which he got from training with his Sword given by his adoptive father. He combines the energy of the Zantekku beam and pours it into his sword which powers it up to more than 2x the power of the sword and blast itself. Zetetsu is able to release the energy like a slash of energy sent at someone or he can cut through anything with the energy inside the sword. There is a bad thing though he can only use the energy once he cannot split the energy and use it more than once.

Zetetsu was the first and only Low-Class born into the family clan of Nirozu which is made up of mostly Elites and some Middle-Class Saiya-jins. Both of his Elite parents his mother Muneme Nirozu and his father Zantekku Nirozu, and were disgusted at how their son was born of Low-Class powerlevel of only 1 and gave him up to the doctors to keep until someone from the clan wanted him. After awhile the doctors were about to give up if anyone else from the clan would come until two Middle-Class mates from the clan which the mother was Harue Nirozu, and the father was Tokihide Nirozu, for not being able to have their own child they raised and cared for him like their own son. While growing up Zetetsu was pushed around and beat up a lot almost to the brink of death by the other saiya-jin kids and them saying, "You'll never be as strong as us just give up will you." It was most urged on by on Elite Saiya-jin kid about the same age just a little older than him, by the name of Yoshisuke Nirozu. Zetetsu said to him "Just you watch I will become stronger than all of you one day by my word." While doing this all their parents would just standby or passby and do nothing at all to stop them. His adoptive father being born of the middle-class had trained himself to fight on par with the Elite members of the group and trained Zetetsu while also saying "It doesn't matter how much power you were born with if you train hard enough you can become stronger then any others if you wanted." Zetetsu would than train constantly to try and surpass all of his clan brothers and sisters that always beat up on him and taunted him. Finally until Zetetsu came of age of 14 that he was able to do anything he wanted in the clan, first off what he did was Abandon the clan and move away to his own home. When Zetetsu left the clan he had a powerlevel of 1500 which surpassed most Middle-Class Saiya-jins of the same age as him of the clan, and he was coming up on the Elite Saiya-jins in the clan also.
Zetetsu Nirozu is a tall, average sized, very muscular, smart in tactics of battle very rare in most saiyans. He had many scars on his body from when he was little, and mostly no expression or emotions towards anyone except his adoptive parents or his childhood friend Nakae Makion another Low-Class Saiya-Jin born from Two Low-Class parents. He has hardened his emotions to those he does not care about from all that happened when he was little. Zetetsu now on his own would go off around the planet hunting by himself for food. He would also do missions here and there for some Zenni to go by some new clothes, some armor, and food that he couldn't hunt for. After some time of living by himself of two years he has been able to bring his powerlevel up to that of 1900. When all of a sudden he heard knews that the Nirozu clan was assassinated by one of the clan members which no one could figure out who did it. After hearing this he runs to the clan house to find bodies of all the clan members slewn about. He runs quickly to his Adoptive parents house to find his adoptive mother on the floor dead and his father on the floor also holding something though. Zetetsu runs quickly towards him and Tokihide says "Here, Zetetsu this is a sword forged by me I was going to give it to on your 16th birthday but, you need it now so here." Tokihide than falls silent and dies right there after giving the sword to Zetetsu. He then notices something in his father's hand it was a note saying *Zetetsu, here if you don't come here in time, here is a sword use it and train with it to become stronger than everyone else. You must revenge us by defeating the one who did it, it was Yoshisuke, he was the one who did this to us.* Zetetsu after seeing this gets up takes the sword and slings it over his back and runs back off to his Home to start training by himself in solitude to beat Yoshisuke. Only to find at his house is his childhood friend Nakae who now has a battle power of 1000 and she says "Zetetsu, I heard about the clan massacre, let me train with you I'm not as strong as you but I still can help you." Zetetsu replies back "What!, I don't want you to get hurt, but you're right I will help you train so you can train and live with me." They than start sparring against each other, training and just going on missions by themselves.

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Character sheet
Name: Zetetsu Nirozu
Race: Saiya-Jin
Powerlevel: 60000/130000

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