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Post  Tharsten on Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:12 pm

Name: Tharsten
Race: Tuffle
Age: 22
Powerlevel: 12.000


An Kamehameha-like blast is shot from one or two hands, and can be guided towards the enemy.

This is Tharstens most powerfull attack, and he is the only one who can master it. When someone uses a technique, Tharsten copys every move this opponent makes and he gets with his mind in him, this way he can master the technique of his opponent.

With this attack, Tharsten can let people explode by getting into them with his mind, and then make his hands to fist. Then the enemy will explode.

Tharsten can absorb creatures body's. When he does this, they are part of him, and he has his own strength and speed plus the strength and speed of the creature he absorped.

Ki blast
A simple Ki blast. Tharsten also has Tsuihidan Ki Blast, he shoots Ki blasts into the air , wich will follow the enemy.

Power Down
Tharsten can put his powerlevel down, to the power he wishes.

Bio: The Tuffle Planet was taken by the Saiyans, and many Tuffles were killed by the Saiyans. But not all off them. When the Saiyans attacked the Tuffles, the Tuffles fought back, but lost. But a small group of Tuffles had to protect the leader of the Tuffles, Diabi. This group of Tuffles was also know as the Elite Warriors. Since the Tuffles invented the scouters for the Saiyans, the Saiyans would be able to detect their powerlevels easily. Therefor, the Elite Warriors learned theirselves a technique, that was used to put their powerlevels down. The Elite Warriors wanted revenge, but they knew they were no match for the Saiyans. so they built a new world underground, and lived there in peace.

But then came the day, the leader of the Tuffles, Diabi, died. They needed a new leader. But who could it be? Diabi didnt have a son. Several men said they would take the leadership on their shoulders, among them was the young Tharsten, who was only 20 at the time. Even though he was one of the strongest and the son of the great general of the Elite Warriors, most Tuffles wanted an older and wiser Leader. And with that, Tharsten wanted to kill all the Saiyans, and get their planet back. Many Tuffles didnt want this, they wanted to live in peace underground. When someone else was chosen to be the leader of the Tuffles, Tharsten couldnt bear with it and left the Tuffles. He said he would come back, but with the news the planet was theirs again, and the Saiyans were dead.

Number of posts : 385
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Location : The Netherlands
Ingame Name : Tharsten
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Character sheet
Name: Tharsten
Race: Tuffle
Powerlevel: 10/3,500

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