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Quantar - Saiya-jin... kind of... Empty Quantar - Saiya-jin... kind of...

Post  ssgohanf8 on Mon Nov 03, 2008 4:36 pm

Name: Quantar(Kuu-ahn-tahr) Baka(Bah-kuh)
Race: Human mostly but part Saiy-jin *see bio area*
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Powerlevel: 3000 but when enraged his power will multiply by 1.5
Ability's: Fly, Power up, Power down, Ki regenerate, Telekineses, Yellow Blast(A blast fired from the mouth but is green to stun opponents with confusion until it hits), Ki Execution(An energy ball that when it hits it cuts off energy to that part but does no physical damage ex. if you were hit on the arm it couldn't have the energy to move but wouldn't be hurt at all. The downside to this attack is that itwears off in one minute), Shaker Sphere(An attack charged up like the Final Flash but is a ball that will seperate into 7 balls and chase the opponent.)Blasting Billiards(Fires at least 2 energy balls that hover around the opponent firing energy blasts usually like a kamehameha but can fire other moves on the creator thought)

Bio: A legendary super saiyan escaped H.F.I.L. and was flying past earth and decided to attack it. As he was attacking a city he saw a woman run and stopped. He began a relationship and got married with the woman(The woman stayed out of fear, but noticed how nice he was when he wasn't angry, so she began a happy life. They had a child sooner or later but eventually they found where he was hiding and took the legendary super saiyan back to H.F.I.L. This child is actually the grandfather of Quantar. Which gives his family great potential in strength, but none of them know anything of that heritage.

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Name: Quantar
Race: Saiya-Jin
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