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Post  AnarchoElk on Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:02 am

Name: Kogo Goho
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Neo-Cave)
Age: 20
Alignment: 50
Location: Earth
Powerlevel: 300/5000
Abilities: Flight, Telekinesis, Ki Blaze, Ki Shell, Ki Claws

Flight: Self Explanatory

Telekinesis: Applying the theory of flight to other objects, Goho taught himself to use his ki to lift and "fly" other objects.

Ki Blaze: During harsh winters, Goho taught himself to heat his ki to create fires, and keep himself warm.

Ki Shell: While hunting larger prey, or defending himself from predators, Goho instinctively blocked fangs and claws by hardening a thin layer of ki around his body and clothing, reinforcing himself to prevent damage.

Ki Claws: After being surprised by a large Tiger and being slashed in the back, Goho applied his Shell technique to his fingers, creating sharpened claws of Ki to his fingers, allowing him to slash like a predatory animal.

NOTE: If I'm misinterpreting the setting, please let me know. Obviously this isn't an active RP, but I figure I'll make a char anyways for if this place comes back to life and I'm still here.

Bio: Goho was born a neo-caveman on Earth. A sub-race of humans evolved from the ice age into a more instinctual survivalist race of humans. He was raised by his mother who taught him to hunt and survive, everything necessary for a neo-caveman, before he set out on his own. During an avalanche he instinctively discovered his ki, as his aura flared up protecting him from the wave of ice and snow, splitting the Avalanche in two from the force of his aura, and the heat coming off of him. Since that day he has trained and discovered many uses for his ki, through trial, and necessity.

Goho tends to learn new ways to use his Ki through life or death situations, instinctively acting out to attack or defend in new ways.

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