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Cress : The Movie Edition

Post  Cress on Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:21 am

Cress was well aware of what was happening a battle the ship was looming over him and he jumped up onto it and started punching it breaking it open trying to break the part flew off as he slipped inside guards where sworming he jumped down and down until he hit the floor and kicked a in-coming guard he was having the time of his life even though he was outmatched he had a song playing in his head as he punched kicked did combos dodged he jumped up too see a person standing out of the croud he jumped toward him hitting a few guards along the way he had ki charged in his hand and he hit the ground sending a shockwave knocking almost everyone down and then it exploded he bursted out of the smoke smiling his troops already pouring it from the other ship he zanzokened infront of a person one that he sensed was about alittle less then half his power he stood there letting him attack but dodging instantly as if nothing happened it appeared though the person threw a beam and cress dodged it still he sent multiple kicks and punches but they just didn't hit cress stopped smiling and hit him in the stomach as hard as he could it probably felt like someone blew threw his stomach but cress didn't have the power to do that and he threw the person dissappointed at his power when a powerful cracking blast hit his chest he spit up blood and looked behind him too see all his troops died and a person walking towards him he was 130% Cress's power he tried to battle in his normal form Cress sent a kick towards his neck but was blocked by the persons arms he grabbed cress's leg and spun around and threw him and then stopped by flying in the opposite direction to see him in front of him already punching him when more troops came in it was the king and his platoon! cress was getting beat down he was thrown into the wall and held there and the person grabbed his neck and threw him again when a cloud of dust appeared as he yelled at the top of his lungs "KAIOKEN...ATTACK!"and his power doubled and the person now yelling his name as the tyrant named "BOKKAU" weird name thought cress and bakkaus power suddenly skyrocketed and his form changed he grew horns around his body and his muscles expanded and his veins started to come out showing and he fired beams all over the room the ship started to become ruins and cress charged at him in kaioken and hit him in the stomach he released kaioken after he hit because he charged his kaioken and put its power in the hit he walked down the ship and found a prison area a armory he would take over the ship along with its things he looked in the prison arena and saw all these people suffering he had small wounds all over his body he released the cages and people walked out of them all of them kina powerful aliens he could tell one was namekian one was like a tailess saiyan and one of them was another very old tailess saiyan he saw many more and told them to do whatever they can against bokkau cress's body was giving out and he jumped out of the ship to where bokkau was streching cress removed his weights and whispered kaioken times 3 and a giant aura bursted around him as the king landed on the ground trying to be a hero and cress charged and hit bokkau while going to kaioken times 4 and then kicked his chin and then spun around and hit him again and king vegeta appeared behind bokkau and screamed saying "HAHAHA I AM THE STRONGEST I CAN NEVER DIE" and bokkau kicked straight through hitting his heart and taking it out from the other end and then blowing his head off with a blast and then powered up even more and Cress looked in horror as bokkau sent a punch toward him Cress lost control over his body at that moment and steam rose from him as he grunted as his pupils dissappeared and a golden aura sorta gold red and his hair stood on end and his power grew and his body changed color in the strong aura and cress blocked the punch and grabbed his arm and then snapped it by elbowing the joint on his arm and then dropped to the ground and kicked bokkau into the air and appeared behind him and took his hands and put them together and he launched them together at bokkaus back and then fired 4 blasts out of his hands slowly then flew as the ground shifted and rocks flew down and dodged rocks sorta he just blew through them with the aura and then elbowed his neck and already flew behind him and kicked him and then backhanded him into the air and then bursted at him flying threw him stomach and was sent flying and cress already had a spirit cannon charged he threw the huge blast and watched as the fireworks flew away as bokkau was killed...the aura died and his body was back to being painful and hurt he flew to the ground to return to the ship to start repairing it and gathering troops and stuff.

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