His first battle.

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His first battle.

Post  Swordman on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:24 am

Swordman was walking around the city. It was a windy day and the leaves were making a scraping sound along the roads. Swordman liked stepping on those, but right when he was about to step on one, he heard something...something demonic.

"No...Brawl's apprentice is weak...we take him now." It was a man in an ally.

Swordman went into the ally, only sensing danger.

"Hey...Im not that weak..." Swordman said.

Swordman gulped as the two men walked towards him.

The man who had talked about him looked form around Planet Vegeta and everyone there knew that it was a bad idea to mess with Brawl or his apprentice.

"The names Hatlen" The man said.

Hatlen charged up and threw a large ki blast at Swordman.

The battle had begun

"Eraser Cannon!" Swordman yelled, a green beam shot out of his hand. He disappeared and reappeared behind the other man and slammed his fist into his spine. There was a small crack. The man fell.

Swordman had forgotten about the Hatlen.

"DIE!!" Hatlen threw a large blast at Swordman. Swordman was lifted off the ground. He felt pain all around him, and he heard his master, Brawl's words:

Use the Omega Blast when you are in trouble...but be careful...Swordman stopped hearing it at the "be careful part" all he thought about was launching it.

"You...will...PAAAAAY!!" Swordman said.

He disappeared and reappeared in the sky. He had a huge green energy ball in his hand.

"TAKE THIS!" Swordman yelled.

Swordman threw it with all his might. There was a huge explosion and Swordman shielded himself and felt pain...lots of pain.

Swordman slammed onto the ground and got up slowly and looked around him, the city was gone, nothing was left except a huge crater.

"Oh man...master Brawl is going to kill me!" Swordman said disappearing from the vast crater.

Skills Used
Instant Transmission
Eraser Cannon
Power Up
Omega Blast

PL Level
Before fight: 500
During Fight: 1350
After Fight: 1350 (Never Powered Down)

Skills Gained



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Re: His first battle.

Post  Zetetsu on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:04 pm

Okay I'm sorry but I have to criticize this. A person with that power level shouldn't be able to level a city with one blast no matter how stron g the blast. ALso like Broly when he got angry they barely got any raised power. Since Legendary Saiyans were always in rage. If you are Legendary Saiyan but yeah. Also age 14 and IT how'd the saiyans learn Instant Transmission? But seriously one blast and levels the City well if it was a huge city it shouldn't but a pretty small I would believe. Also kind of short battle if you ask me.

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Re: His first battle.

Post  Serak on Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:53 pm

I'm also curious as to how Swordman gained the Instant Transmission ability. That technique is only known by the Yardratians, and Goku never taught it to anyone.

And yes, Zetetsu is right, The Legendary Super Saiyan form makes the Saiyan constantly enraged so just getting angrier would net Swordman little to no extra power.

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Re: His first battle.

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