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Post  Serak on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:23 pm

Ah, yes! Chapter 2 is finally done, albeit it a couple pages shorter than Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 – The First Six Months

Gehn was racing through the sky, his red aura clearly visible around him leaving a short trail as he tore through the clouds.

Prince Vegeta… He thought. Of all the Saiyans that remain, why must he be the one to interfere with my plans yet again?

As Gehn rapidly traversed the landscape, he studied the terrain to find a suitable spot to camp for his stay on this planet. But right now, all he was finding were lush fields.

“Not quite suitable for training…” Gehn said allowed, still surveying. His eyes then ran across a paved road, empty of traffic.

A smirk crossed his face.

Gehn increased his speed, bursting faster through the air. His hair blowing around in a relaxed manner as he quickly sped towards his new destination.

East City.

As Gehn screeched to a halt above the city, he noted the looks of it.

“Quite the busy place…” Gehn said to himself. “Everyone going about their business in a peaceful, efficient manner…”

Gehn pointed his hand down at the city. “Disgusting…” He said, raining down red blasts that spiraled into buildings, roads, cars, even people. Gehn just kept firing, toppling buildings, obliterating streets and cars, and killing swaths of people without breaking a sweat.

But as he destroyed this city, a look of disappointment crossed his face. He then began to fly over the city, maintaining a solid beam as he sawed skyscrapers, cars, and if he found any in the open, single people into pieces.
But even this did not satisfy him. Gehn then began pumping his arms back and forth, firing basketball sized blasts down to the center of the city, but instead of detonating they gathered and grew into a large dome, each shot increasing it’s size. When the dome of energy was half the size of the city, a tired, sweating Gehn charged one last red blast and chucked it.

“Exploding Dome Attack!” He bellowed as the blast flew from his hand and connected with his massive dome of energy. The dome rippled and convulsed, quickly growing more violent in it’s movements, and then it suddenly went up, lighting the landscape with a red hue and creating a dust cloud in the form of an Earth mushroom.

Gehn floated just outside his cloud of destruction, breathing heavily with sweat dripping from his chin

“Why…” He said, through clenched teeth. Clearly agitated. “Why can’t I get that thrill anymore…ever since those dreams started…”

Gehn thought back to the very first one he had, though it was foggy as most dreams got after a long time since having them.

He had been fighting a behemoth. The man was huge, even dwarfing Gehn’s six feet of height, his muscles were as big as Gehn’s head, and despite his massive size he wasn’t slow. But what caught Gehn’s attention most in the dream was not his strength or speed, but his eyes. They were white, purely white. Not white like glazed over, but they were just white. No pupils, no iris’, nothing. Just white.

“This planet doesn’t have a strong enough gravitational pull for proper training by myself…” Gehn said, thinking intently. “Seems I’ll need to find another method of training…”

Gehn took off through the air. He didn’t like the idea of training with someone else, especially an inferior fighter.

But he had no choice. The green man would have to do.

His scouter notified him that he was closing in on Piccolo. It seemed he was out in the wastelands. Flying over the hills and trees, Gehn spotted him meditating in the opening. Gehn dissolved his aura and landed softly on a large hill that was overlooking Piccolo.

“Green man!” Gehn yelled, addressing the meditating Piccolo. Piccolo didn’t respond. “Insolent worm…” Gehn muttered to himself.

Gehn lifted his hand high above his head and generated a ball of energy. He was going to get this green man’s attention one way or the other.

“Heads up, green man!” Gehn yelled, grinning as he flung his blast at Piccolo. The blast raced at Piccolo full-speed, and as he opened his eyes the blast caught him in the face, exploding.

Piccolo was sent rolling across the grass and got to his feet, the left side of his face burnt up. He was furious.

“Ouch.” Gehn said in an arrogant tone. “Looks that hurt. Anyway, I simply was trying to get your attention so I could pro-“

He was cut short as Piccolo dashed and slugged him hard in the face, but Gehn’s head barely moved. Gehn then pulled back and sent his own fist deep into Piccolo’s gut. His eyes went wide as the fist dislodged itself and then connected with his chin as an uppercut. Piccolo fell limp to the foot of the cliff.

“You’re weak after your fight with Raditz.” Gehn said, analyzing Piccolo as he tried to get to his feet. “Though it has only been a few hours. Anyway.”-Gehn waved his hand as if brushing the topic away-“What I was TRYING to say before I was rudely interrupted was that due to this planet’s weak gravitational pull I can not accomplish proper training here since I’m used to Planet Vegeta’s gravity, which is ten times that of Earth.”

Piccolo, now standing, was able to speak.

“Heh. The great Saiyan is asking to train with a lowly Earthling? Oh how the mighty have fallen…” Piccolo said, mimicking Gehn’s own arrogant detachment.

Gehn hopped down from the hilltop and landed next to the green man. “No.” He said. “I am not asking. You will train with me, I simply stating a fact.”

“And what makes you think I’d train with scum like you?” Piccolo said, clearly getting angry again.

“Scum? That’s a little harsh.”

“You come here expecting to conquer this planet and rule it’s people as you see fit. But…” Piccolo said, chuckling a little. “Things haven’t gone QUITE your way, have they?”

Gehn scowled and said “Minor setbacks. I will deal with those two Saiyans with or without your help. But it would make things easier for both of us if we were to train together.”

“Fine. You have a deal. For now…” Piccolo said.

“Good. I’ll return in one week. Be ready, because Saiyans don’t hold back when the spar.” Gehn grinned and took off into the sky, his red aura leaving a trail barely visible from Piccolo’s location.

Gehn returned one week later and the training began. Gehn and Piccolo held nothing back as they sparred. Their battles shook the world and their attacks scarred the landscape, despite Piccolo’s best efforts to keep the destruction of the landscape to a minimum. As they trained, Gehn learned Piccolo’s name, and after a couple of weeks got used to calling him by that instead of just “green man”. Piccolo also told him of his Namekian nature, and that in order for the dragon balls to exist he must be alive.

Their training continued for many months, each of them improving their skills by fighting in the harshest conditions they could find. For three weeks they forced themselves to live in the desert, and the next day moved to the arctic for two more weeks. They raced across the globe, exchanging blasts as they went, and when they were done continued their match on the ground.

Three months later, they duo sat in a clearing in a forest after yet another campaign in the arctic.

Piccolo landed gently on the ground, returning from his check-up on Gohan’s progress. The night was cloudless and the moon glowed brightly.

“He’s learning quickly.” Piccolo announced. “He should be ready for combat training on schedule.”

Gehn, sitting next to the campfire, looked at Piccolo and said. “And it’s a damn good thing I’m going to be training him when he’s done. You have yet to even come close to beating me. My scouter says your power level is very nearly at where mine was when I arrived.”
Ever since they started training, Gehn developed a sort of respect for Piccolo’s combat skills. And he was impressed that his power level had increased by seven hundred while he himself could only raise it five hundred, making himself have a power level of roughly sixteen hundred to Piccolo’s one thousand.

“This must be the first clear night I’ve seen on this planet since I’ve gotten here. It’s been overcast every else we’ve been training.” Gehn, tearing off a chunk of meat from a rabbit he had cooked over the fire. He then looked up at the sky. “It seems it’s a full moon…”

Gehn dropped his rabbit and fell to all fours. His muscles bulged and fur began to grow. His heartbeat was fast and loud, getting faster and louder by the second. His eyes went pure red, and his nose and mouth began to grow outward.

“Run…NOW!” He said stuttering, his voice deeper and more wild.

The fur thickened and he began to grow. His shirt and pants tore to shreds as he transformed.

“What the…” Piccolo said, taking a couple steps back. But it was too late. Gehn reached full size in less than a minute and his red Great Ape eyes landed on Piccolo. “His power…it’s unbelievable!”

Piccolo ascended rapidly into the air as Gehn let out a roar.

“Fine!” Piccolo said, pointing at Great Ape Gehn. “If this is how it’s going to be…”

Piccolo charged up two yellow balls of energy in his hands and flung them at Great Ape Gehn’s face. Gehn roared, blowing around Piccolo’s white cape and reversing the course of the blasts. Piccolo deflected them away and charged the ape, going for his eye. Before he could even get close, Gehn swatted him away, smashing him into a cliff, collapsing it down on top the Namek.

Gehn then lifted a foot and stomped down on the rubble, roaring yet again. Piccolo burst out of some of the rocks Gehn missed and began to fly around Gehn’s head, only his white aura giving him away. Gehn swung around madly, but couldn’t land a hit. Piccolo kept buzzing around Gehn’s head like a fly, too fast for the bulky ape to land a punch.

Piccolo finally managed to zip in close and punched Great Ape Gehn in his left eye. The Ape roared, which sent Piccolo back flipping through the air uncontrollably. When he finally steadied himself he saw Gehn open his massive ape mouth and unleash a red beam. Piccolo swerved through the air to avoid the blast, narrowly dodging it.

“There has to be a way to stop him….” Piccolo said to himself. His eyes then suddenly went wide. “The moon!”

Piccolo ran up a hill, pulled his arm back, and was about to fire a blast that would obliterate the floating rock in the sky known as the moon when one of Gehn’s hands smashed down on him, flattening the hill and leaving Piccolo buried in a pile of rubble.

Then light started to shine through the gaps between boulders, coming out in streams. Then the rocks suddenly exploded outward as Piccolo busted out of the rock in a ball of energy, and fired one last shot at the moon.

The blast escaped just before Great Ape Gehn grabbed Piccolo. But before he could begin to crush the Namekian to death, he heard an explosion. The Ape looked up to see the moon falling to pieces and crumbling to dust.

The Apes eyes went wide and he roared in agony, dropping. He then began to throw a fit, stomping around and smashing anything he could as he quickly reverted to his humanoid form.

When the metamorphosis was complete, Piccolo landed next to the unconscious Gehn who was lying facedown in the dirt. Piccolo grabbed Gehn’s tail and held it stretched to full length, and then with one quick tug he pulled it out.

The next morning Gehn awoke, finding himself naked with nothing covering him except a blanket over his groin.

“What the...” He said slowly, looking around trying to get himself oriented. “What happened? And where the hell are my clothes!?” – Gehn’s eyes then widened as he realized he was missing something far more important than clothes – “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TAIL!?”

Piccolo answered in a nonchalant tone, as if nothing happened. “You transformed into a giant ape and went on a rampage. In order to stop you I blew up the moon, and also tore out your tail to prevent it from happening again.”

Gehn’s face became twisted with anger, and he shot off into the air with a roar of frustration, leaving the blanket behind.

He returned about half an hour later, fully clothed in seemingly the same stuff he tore to shreds the night before.

“You should of blown up the moon and left it at that. I can’t very well transform if there isn’t a moon to transform with.” Gehn said, adjusting one of his black wristbands.

Piccolo chuckled a little. “I’ll be sure to remember that.”

“You should, damn it. Saiyans are weaker without their tails, and now I’ll have to train even harder to make up for it!” Gehn said, but Piccolo didn’t even act like he was going to respond. Gehn clenched his fists, still angry. He then created a point of light at each knuckle. “Double Knuckle Cannon!”

He did two swift punches and the blasts flew from his knuckles, flying wildly at Piccolo. Piccolo dashed up into the air just in time as all eight beams detonated right where he had been. Looking up, Piccolo then saw Gehn straight above him, his knuckles charged yet again.

The eight familiar blasts flew towards him yet again, and this time Piccolo put his arms up to take the blow but the explosion still knocked him back to Earth, leaving only a smoke cloud floating in the air where he had been.

Gehn then charged down through the dust, and punched Piccolo in the gut as he lay on the ground. Piccolo groaned and spat purple Namekian blood. Gehn then began to land more and more punches in Piccolo’s gut so fast it blurred, Piccolo’s body reverberating with each blow. Gehn then ended his onslaught and grabbed Piccolo by the throat and flew them both high into the air Gehn chucked Piccolo back at the ground.

“Time for the chaser!” Gehn bellowed, pulling back his arm and letting a red beam fly at Piccolo. The blast connected and exploded on contact, accelerating Piccolo’s fall and causing him to leave a crater when he hit the ground.

Piccolo picked himself up off the ground, dust falling from his clothes as he stood and looked up at Gehn who floated directly above him.

“You’re still pretty good without it!” Piccolo said, and then took off into the air.

Gehn grinned with anticipation.

After the sparring match Piccolo sat in the middle of camp, sporting a few new bruises. Gehn on the other hand was laying against a tree, deep in thought…

He was thinking about those dreams. The same things that prophesized the rise of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Gehn’s death, and beings of unimaginable power that even a Super Saiyan could not defeat. These bothered Gehn, and for him have ruined the thrill of destruction.

He had to know what they meant. Or did they mean nothing? Were they nothing but his unconscious imagination running wild? Perhaps they were a manifestation of his illusions of grandeur?

But they had to mean something, how could they not? They were vivid, and far easier to remember than most dreams, though they did fade slightly after a while…

Maybe that was it? They were just blurs created by a faded memory of a dream? No! They couldn’t be, they were still too real, too…possible.

Gehn then slowly drifted into sleep, even though it was only the early evening. But somehow he found the gentle breeze and warm sun of this planet surprisingly relaxing.


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Post  Serak on Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:32 am

Sorry this took so long, but I think this Chapter may very well be the best so far.

Chapter 3: The Past of a Saiyan Warrior

Planet Vegeta – 37 years ago…

A large group of children were gathered around two other children. They seemed to be in some sort of training court yard near what could only be described as a school. The sky was overcast and a slight wind was blowing around dead leaves from the oddly shaped and colored trees. By the looks of things, it could have started raining at any moment.

The children were gathered around two other children, cheering and goading the two in the center who seemed to be fighting. But there was something off about the children.

Tails. They all had monkey tails.

In the center of this group, the two fighting children were wildly exchanging punches. Leaning the side as fists flew by their faces, and ducking under high kicks. Despite the frenzy, the two seemed calm and controlled; their fight so concentrated and precisely executed, you could have fit the whole thing in a circle with a six foot radius.

The two children were about five feet tall, and both wore armor. One child with red armor trimmed around the edges with orange had black hair that hung wildly halfway down his back, sticking out every which way. The other child had black, bowl-cut hair and was wearing white armor trimmed with black around the edges. They both had similarly colored battle jump-suits underneath their armor.

As the crowd’s cheering was reaching a climax with the boys fight, both children landed a hard punch to each other’s cheek, and everything stopped. Both boys stared at each other, grinning with an odd satisfaction despite having a fist in their face.

“Gehn.” The wild-haired boy said, referring to his bowl-cut partner. “You’ve FINALLY gotten control of your energy? You were just, what? Two years behind the rest of our class?”

“Krudule…” Gehn said, pushing harder as his brother did the same. The boots of the two fighters slid on the concrete, a distinct grinding noise being heard. “I may not be good with energy, brother….but…it’s enough to beat you!”

Gehn then suddenly kicked Krudule’s legs out from under him, and both boys fell to the ground facing each other, pointing small balls of energy at each other with one hand. As they neared the ground, both boys used their hands and pushed off, sending them into a horizontal spiral away from each other through the hair and they both landed in a kneeling position. The two young fighters didn’t hesitate as they threw their balls of energy at each other, the two blasts colliding in the center and making a small smoke cloud. The crowd of Saiyan children around them started coughing and backed up in time to see the two brothers leap out of the smoke and into the air. Exchanging small blasts as they ascended into the sky.

As the two boys were fighting on the ground, two men were sitting on the roof of the school.

“So this is what schools on Vegeta were like…” Said one man. He had short black hair that stuck out in three long bangs and was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves torn off at the shoulder, black gloves that went halfway up his forearms and didn’t cover his fingers, baggy blue pants with a hole over the left knee, a brown leather belt with a golden buckle, and white boots. “Father always said that at times he did wonder why they called them schools at all.”

“That he did.” Said the other man. This man had long purple hair hanging down the sides of his face, a grey hand wrap with the ties hanging down the back of his neck, a sleeveless and baggy black shirt, a black cape, grey pants, black boots and wristbands, and a brown sheath for his sword with gold on either end of it. “Kincha, do you remember the assignment?”

“How could I forget, Talsorian?” Kincha said, scowling. “I’m not as big a dunce as you seem to think…”

“Call me Talon one of these days like I’ve asked, and I may believe you.” Talsorian said, grinning. “Now, look. They’re in the air, which means it’s almost time.”

After exchanging a few blasts with Gehn, Krudule raised his arms high over his head and was about to say something when Gehn charged straight through the air and slugged a surprised Krudule straight in the face, knocking him out of the sky.

Gehn floated down and landed softly next to his brother who was just getting up, now with a bloody nose.

“How…?” Krudule said, wiping away the blood. “You just learned how to control your Ki! How is it you can fly like a pro?!”

“The same way I can beat you.” Gehn said in a calm, serious tone, pulling his leg back. “I’m the best.”

“Like-“ Krudule was about to say, before Gehn kicked him in the face sending him skidding along the ground. Gehn pursued from the air, and was about to sock Krudule in the gut, but as he threw the punch Krudule disappeared.

“Huh?” Was all Gehn managed to say before Krudule reappeared and kicked him in the back of the head, smashing Gehn into the ground.

“You still have a lot to learn, Gehn” Krudule said, floating above his brother. Gehn then propped himself up, his palms on the ground, scratching at it in frustration.

“I know a couple!” Gehn said, releasing a pulse of energy that sent him flying upwards at his brother. Krudule put his arms up to brace himself for the Impact, but when Gehn was supposed to hit he instead vanished.
“He can’t possibly know Zanzoken…!” Krudule said to himself, but then the young warrior’s eyes went wide and he looked up above him just in time to see his brother raining energy blasts down on him. Krudule barely got his arms up in time as the blasts started connecting, exploding in little puffs and forcing him to the ground where a smoke cloud began to form.

“HERE’S A PRESENT!” Gehn bellowed, putting his hands out in front of him and quickly forming a blast the size of his head. He then chucked the red ball of energy down at his brother, where it detonated soon after entering the dust plume.

Gehn floated in the air, breathing heavily with his hands still outstretched. Below him, there were gasps of fear and awe from the crowd. The kids muttering amongst themselves, thing like “Wow! Did you see the size of that?!” “IS Krudule okay?” “How did Gehn learned all this moves so quickly?” “What does the scouter you got from your dad say?” “His powerlevel is 405! And Krudule’s is 395!”

Before the speculation could continue, and snake-like tendril of smoke burst out from the plume, racing up towards Gehn. Right below him, the tendril broke, revealing Krudule who kneed Gehn in the stomach and proceeded to beat away at him.

Back on the roof, the two men continued to sit and watch.

“It’s almost time, Kincha.” Talon said, looking to his brother. “Father said that as soon the guards come to kill the two, we act.”

“Gotcha.” Kincha said, laying down on the roof. “Wake me when it’s time to move.”

Talon scowled, but went back to watching the two boys’ latest exchange.

Gehn had leveled the fight with Krudule yet again. As the two brother’s were furiously exchanging blows, Gehn knocked aside Krudule’s arms and headbutted him in the face. Krudule took the shot well, and quickly responded with a power punch to the gut, causing Gehn to doubled over and spit blood as Krudule removed his fist.

Krudule was grinning at his stunned brother when Gehn abruptly lifted his hands and put them on Krudule’s chest armor, his palms glowing with energy. Gehn then looked up at his brother, smiling as the energy detonated. The blast sent Krudule falling and pushed Gehn backwards in the air a few feet.

Gehn was about to pursue when Krudule popped out of the smoke created by his brother’s attack and slugged Gehn squared in the chest. As Gehn began to bend over, Krudule kneed him in the face, causing Gehn to rise higher into the air.

“You just don’t have the experience!” Krudule said, grabbing Gehn around the ankle and throwing him to the ground. Gehn hit face first and didn’t move.

Krudule landed quickly next to Gehn, and put his hand on his shoulder as if to comfort his defeat sibling.

“You lose, brother. Get used to it, this is what the rest of life is like for low-class warriors like yourself.” Krudule said in a cold, arrogant tone.

Gehn’s eye’s bolted open and he began to shake. Krudule stood up and backed off.

“Gehn…?” He said, unsure what was happening.

In the crowd of spectators, the kid with the scouter was shaking.

“K-Krudule…” He said, his mouth agape. “Something’s happening. Gehn’s power level is skyrocketing. No, this isn’t natural!”

Krudule smirked. “So he still has some fight left in him. Tell me, what’s it at?”

“Fifteen…thousand.” The boy said.

“FIFTEEN THOUSAND?!” Krudule exclaimed, almost screaming. “Bah! It must be broken!”

Just then, a pulse of energy was released from Gehn, creating a six foot wide crater underneath him.

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Post  Serak on Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:33 am

Back at the Saiyan Palace, an alien scientist runs up to the young King Vegeta who’s sitting on his throne.

“Sir! Sir! You need to hear this!” The scientist said, running up to the king and waving around papers in his hand.

The Kings two body-guards got into a ready stance which stopped the scientist in his tracks, but King Vegeta waved them down.

“This fine man would not interrupt his King unless it was of grave importance.” King Vegeta said in a kind tone, but quickly changing to a more accusatory one. “So don’t make a liar out of me.”

The scientists eyes got big and he started to shake a little. “O-of course not, my king…” He said as he cleared his throat. “We’ve detected a massive power surge at the combat school near here, sir.”

“It must be a teacher powering up.” King Vegeta shot back.

“No. It’s a student.”

“Hm. Impressive. Who is this student and what’s the power level?”

“He’s Gehn Black, thirteen years old. And his power level…well…it’s at twenty-thousand.” The scientist said, and before the King could respond, he continued. “And it’s still rising.”

The King jumped down from his high-raised throne and landed in front of the scientist, snatching the papers out of his hand and reading them over quickly.

“You and I both know there is only one explanation for this.” The scientist said.

The king nodded slowly.

“I just want you to know sir, before you order the LSS Protocol to be enacted, that he has a brother. And it’s reasonable to believe that…” The scientist explained, before being cut off by the King.

“Follow the Protocol to the fullest, we cannot risk frightening Frieza with…this.” The king said, handed the papers back to the scientist.

The scientist bowed slowly to his king, and ran off and the King walked back to his chair and slumped into it.

Back at the Combat School Courtyard, Gehn was now floating upright above his crater, shaking with rage as a yellow aura pulsed about him violently, lashing out at anyone who got too close. He was staring at Krudule.

“I…” Gehn began, in a deep reverberating voice. “will…not…LOSE!!!”

Gehn disappeared and the next thing the crowd of children noticed was Krudule flying across the courtyard and smashing through the concrete wall on the other end. He landed just on the opposite side.

Gehn was about to charge, when he heard a whistling in the air. He looked to the side just in time to see a yellow energy blast racing towards him, and smacked it aside effortlessly. The blast landed near the children who had been watching his fight with Krudule, and the group finally scattered, some running and some flying away.

Gehn turned to his attackers, still furious. His hair was standing up straight, and his aura was still wild, but more controlled. Along with his aura, steam could also be seen rising from his joints. Gehn saw five Saiyan Elites dashing through the air at him, his blank white eyes twitching with fury over the fact that they dared interrupt his match.

Instinct took over.

Gehn charged and slugged one of the surprised Elites in the face, and elbowed the next one with the same arm. As the third fighter approached, Gehn grabbed him by the throat, his small thirteen-year-old hand not big enough to wrap around so instead gripping into the throat, crushing the airway. Gehn threw the fighter into the ground, creating a crater upon impact. As the fourth and fifth fighters approached, Gehn lifted his hand and let out a war-cry, unleashing a blast that last for no more than a second, but left no trace of the Saiyan warriors.

The dust cleared quickly, revealing a horde of Saiyans flying over the city towards Gehn.

Gehn grinned and charged into the masses.

Back on the roof, Talon was now standing.

“Kincha!” Talon said, waking his brother. “It’s time. They’re going after Krudule.”

Kincha leaped to his feet, standing on the edge of the roof with his brother.

“What’re we waiting for?” Kincha said, taking off. Talon grinned and followed, drawing his sword.

Over near the wall, Krudule was shakily getting to his feet.

“Gehn…where did you get this power?” Krudule said in amazement at his twin’s skill. “Why won’t you stop? They’ll kill you at this rate!”

With that, it finally began to storm. Thunder, lightning, rain, the works. That’s when Krudule noticed the fighters coming after him.

“What’re you doing!” Krudule yelled, pointing to Gehn. “Help them stop my brother!”

“AAAAHHHH!!!” Was heard, as an Elite came smashing through the same wall that Krudule had been sent through. When Krudule looked at the fallen Saiyan, he saw that his chest had been smashed in despite the armor. When he looked up, he saw the warriors were charging energy into their hands.

He gulped as they fired, shutting his eyes tight so he didn’t have to see his fate as it hit him. But the blasts never came, he opened his eyes to see two figures floating in a mist of blood, dismembered and burnt body parts falling to the ground around them.

One man with long purple hair, turned his head to Krudule.

“Get out of here! We’ve got your back!” He said, and Krudule didn’t need to be told twice as he raced for home.

Kincha turned to Talon and spoke. “Listen, I’ll hold off these jokers while you take out Gehn!”

Talon nodded and took off towards the boy, pushing past the Saiyan warriors that surrounded him, only to die. He could tell Gehn was getting tired, for he could see his pupils starting to return, and the aura wasn’t as fierce. Once he got to Gehn, he say that he wasn’t flying at all, but standing on the pile of bodies as he added to it while Saiyans came in from all sides.

As the Saiyans fruitlessly attacked Gehn, Talon floated seemingly unnoticed behind the young warrior, and with one chop to the back of the neck, rendered him unconscious and caught him by the back of his now-red armor.

“How’d you do that!” A Saiyan exclaimed wildly, flinging spit onto Talon’s face.

“Shut up and listen to me.” Talon said. As he said it, the eyes of the people he was speaking to went blank, and they listened. “You’re going to go back to your King and tell him you killed the Legendary Super Saiyan, but lost hundreds of good Saiyans in the process. You’ll suggest that he call the death and destruction an attack by an alien war machine, and pick a random species to go to war with. Now go.”

The Saiyans nodded once and began to float away.

“I love that move.” Talon said to himself. And as the Saiyan’s cleared the area, Talon saw the full amount of destruction caused by the teenage Saiyan he held in his hand. A stack of bodies fifty feet high, and blood flowed through the streets like a river for twenty blocks in any direction. “This is hell…”

As Talon was looking at what Gehn had done, Kincha flew over and said one thing.


“I know. Hurry, we have to get him to the space pod.” Talon responded, and the two took off.

The landed at the outskirts of the Saiyan city where two ships were landed. One large, spherical one that had “CAPSULE CORP.” printed on the side, and one standard Saiyan Space Pod.

“I’ll be inside.” Kincha said, walking up the retractable stairs into the Capsule Corp. ship.

Talon walked over and opened the Space Pod, tossing Gehn inside with a new set of clothes and armor, along with a pre-recorded message telling him not to go back to Planet Vegeta.

Talon then noticed that none of what he got from his house was the traditional white shirt and grey pants he was used to seeing.

“Father…” Talon said, looking at the young boy. “Good luck.”

Talon then bent over, picked up the pod and chucked it high into the air. As it rose, it’s engines took over and it was on it’s way.

Talon then walked into the ship with his brother.

When he got inside, he saw Kincha in the command seat. The floor of the ship was red, with the Gravitron in the center and a staircase on either side of the main training room leading to the mess hall and personal quarters level.
“Have you entered the temporal and spatial co-ordinates for our next time?” Talon asked, walking over to his brother. “And better yet, have you entered them CORRECTLY?”

“God damn it, Talsorian.” Kincha said, agitated at his brother’s continued condescending attitude towards him. “Yes, they’re in and they are correct. Jumping ahead thirty-eight years, following this world-line and appearing on Earth, right?”

“Good.” Talon said, completely ignoring Kincha’s tone. “First we save our Father and Uncle, and now we get to save everyone else from them.”

“Isn’t time travel fun?” Kincha said in a sarcastic tone.

“Yes, it is. At least I think so.” Talon said, once again ignoring the tone of Kincha’s voice and missing the sarcasm in it. “But the reason we have to do this is far from fun.”

Kincha started to laugh a little.

“What the hell’s so funny?” Talon asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh, nothing. Sure, why we have to do this is terrible, but even still you keep missing the subtleties, Talsorian.” Kincha said. “My brother who can turn a spaceship into a time machine can’t pick up on sarcasm.”

“Sarcasm?” Talon said, honestly confused. “What’s this talk about sarcasm? Neither of us were being sarcastic.”

Kincha ran his hand through his hair. “Whatever you say, Talon.”

“Good. Now, please, let’s go.”


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