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Arlia-sei (Planet Arlia) :

This is the planet that we see Vegeta and Nappa on before they come to Planet Earth. The planet harbors insect-like creatures and was controled by a King and Queen. However, a cruel dictator takes control of the Government, enslaving the King and forcing Lemlia, the Queen, to be his wife. When Vegeta and Nappa arrive, they kill the cruel tyrant and the King is freed for a short while, but Vegeta and Nappa eventually destroy the planet.

This satelite was Arlia's only moon. Vegeta and Nappa did not need it to defeat the Arlia-jins, and it was destroyed along with it's planet.


Dark Star :

This star is the home of Yakon, one of Babidi's minions. When the Z warriors challenge him inside Babidi's ship, Babidi transports them to this planet of darkness. The Dark Star is so dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. The inhabitants of the star were used to the darkness, and could see clearly.


Earth-sei (Planet Earth)

Unlike the real earth, the DBZ Earth is composed of a single continent, two smaller ones and two island clusters. The only major landmass on DBZ Earth is shaped roughly like the Eurasian continent of this Earth, with a somewhat reduced India, no Korea and no Japan. A long, curved section extends from the western coast (about where France would be), and loops southwards, creating a large enclosed sea. To the north and south are two subcontinents about the size of Australia. The northern one, Yunzabit, is a frigid wasteland with high buttes and deep valleys. The southern subcontinent is tropical and a bit like South America in foliage and climate (which leads to the conclusion that most of the DBZ world's masses like above the equator). The vast majority of Dragonball Z Earth is dense forest, grassy plains and rocky, desolate areas similar to the American southwest, all with a temperature to chilly climate. Most of the interior is sparsely inhabited, if at all.

Earth's moon was full of crators and didn't contain breathable air. The galaxy on this satelite was about 1/10th of Earth's. During the Dragon Ball series, this moon serves Goku and Gohan with their Oozaru transformations, but Piccolo eventually destroys the moon to halt Gohan's transformation.


Furizasei #79 (Planet Furiza #79)

This is the planet Vegeta visits after his battle with the Z warriors on Earth. He regenerates here and then heads towards Namek. Little else is known about this planet other than it is just one of many of Furiza's planets, and that Furiza uses it as a main base of operations. The Ginyu Force is also stationed here.


Ghetti Star

The Ghetti Star was a gigantic living machine that traveled from planet to planet, robbing anything mechanical and sapping the life out of anything organic. The Ghetti Star happens upon Cooler's remains, turning him into Metal Cooler. It is eventually destroyed by Goku and Vegeta.


Kanassasei (Planet Kanassa)

This is the planet shown at the beginning of the Bardock Special. An odd fish-like species with telepathic abilites inhabited it. Bardock and his team were ordered to wipe the planet clean and prepare it for sale on Furiza's market. The Kanassa-jin's were powerful enough to force the Saiya-jin team to transform into their Oozaru forms, but after that they destroyed them easily. This is also the place where Bardock is cursed with the ability to see into the future.

This moon appears full during Bardock's attack on the planet, allowing the Saiya-jin's to go Oozaru and wipe out the Kanassa-jin's easily.


Konatsei (Planet Konats)

This planet appears in movie #13 as the home of Tapion and Minosha. Konatsei was terrorized by the demon Hirudigarn, but the two brothers seal the two halves inside themselves and are transported to seperate parts of the galaxy. This planet is not destroyed.


Makyo Star

The Makyo Star is the home of Garlic and his son. The Makyo-jin got their strength from their home, and the closer they are to it, the stronger they are. The star appears during the Garlic Jr. Saga and is destroyed by Gohan. We never get to see what the planet looks like from the surface, but we can assume it's hot and desert like from the color of the planet.


Meat-sei (Planet Meat)

Bardock and his team were assigned to swipe this planet of life by Furiza, who intended for it to be a trap for Bardock. Unfortunately, Bardock's team goes without him because he was still regenerating from the battle on Kanassasei. When Bardock finally reaches the planet, he find that the Meat-jin had been successfully destroyed, but he also finds his dead team. Shortly after his discovery, he is attacked by Dodoria and his men, who beat him up and leave him for dead.


New Namek-sei (New Planet Namek)

After Furiza destroyed the Namek-jin's homeworld, they go to Earth and wish for another home. Porunga creates a new world almost identical to their old one, and they live there peacefully.


Old Vegeta-sei (Planet Plant)

This is the homeworld of the Tsufuru-jin. However, after a great battle on the planet between the Tsufuru-jin and the Saiya-jin, the Saiya-jin destroyed the entire Tsufuru race and renamed the planet Vegetasei after their leader. Ten generations later, during Furiza's reign of terror over the North Universe, he feared that the Saiya-jin were becoming too powerful so he secretly destroyed this planet, along with all but six saiya-jin.

This satellite is what caused the destruction of the Tsufuru-jin after it became full. It only becomes full once in a very long time, so the Saiya-jin were lucky that it happened when it happened.


Old Namek-sei (Old Planet Namek)

The distant home of the green-skinned, reptilian Nammeccians, Planet Namek is a warn, pastoral water-world dotted with hundreds of islands, juttiing grass-topped buttes and small continents covered in odd puffballl-shaped trees. The planet is pleasant and food plentiful, and whatever dangerous creatures present prefer to stay well away from civilization (although there are some hints that there are some nasty critters indeed on peaceful Namek). Namek's inhabitants do not, as a rule, build cities; with low birth rates and a long life cycle, they prefer to cluster in small villages of a few hundred people. With it's low, rounded shapes and bubble windows, Nammeccian architecture is quite distincive and somewhat reminiscent of natural forms like abalone and snail shells (perfectly fitting for a race wit obvious mulluscan ancestry). Villages are managed by an Elder, chosen for his wisdom rather than charisma or power. Village Elders gather together to discuss regional problems, but there is no centralized government. Each Namek is born with a purpose or place in life that they try their best to fulfill. There are no armies or other large organizations; each village has a small cadre of warriors who defend their home (and the village's single dragonball) against all aggressors. Although their general technology level is high (starships, for example), the Nameks don't seem to use it much; they appear to concentrate mostly on spiritual aspects of life, not the material. This planet is destroyed by Furiza, and the Namek-jin wish for a new home-world.

Nameksei's first moon harbor's strange sponge-like life forms with long braids. Goku collects energy from them while creating his Genki Dama, and the planet is later destroyed by a stray blast.

Nameksei's second moon, this one harbor's snail-looking creatures with four legs and a hard beak. Energy is collected from them when Goku us creating his Genki Dama.


Slug's Ship

Lord Slug's ship resembled a giant meteor in its early stages. They used it to latch onto planets and then terrafreeze them, killing all the inhabitants. After trying this on Earth, slug got a wake-up call by a Saiya-jin.


Yardrat-sei (Planet Yardrat)

After escaping from the exploding planet Namek, Goku ends up crashing on this planet by accident. The planet Yardrat's gravity was greater than Earths, and Goku learned a few special techniques while here.


Zun-sei (Planet Zun)

This is the homeworld of Babidi's henchman PuiPui. During the Buu Saga, our Hero's are transported here to fight Puipui because Babidi thought it would more favorable conditions for Puipui. The planet had 10x Earth's gravity and Puipui had grown up there. Little did they know that Vegeta trained under 400x gravity so it was a piece of cake for him to kill Puipui. Once Puipui was beaten, they were transported back to Babidi's ship.

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U copied that from Somewhere......

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