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Post  Vegeta on Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:56 pm

Race: Namek
PL: 40,000
Alignment: Pure Good 100%

Paihikuko, also known as Paihi, was one of the greatest warriors the Nameks ever had. The nameks do not have alot of warriors since they are a peacefull race but they did have a few men who were dedicated to fighting. After all, they had to look out for extra-terrestial threats. Paihi loved to fight just as much as he loved his garden. His father was a fighter and his grandpa was so fighting was in his genes, but after a whole day of sparring and training there was nothing better than to work in his garden and build his crops. Honored by so many as he was the strongest being now to Nameks he was still very humble and honest. Paihi was a hero for the Nameks. Myths were told that he was a direct ascendant of the great piccolo! But Paihuimust be way stronger! The Nameks never felt so safe until one day Paihi dissapeared...


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