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Buaroza: The forgotten Warrior Empty Buaroza: The forgotten Warrior

Post  Buaroza on Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:46 pm

Race: True Saiyan
Class: Unkown
Power level As baby: 100
Power level As Child:1000
Power level as low class warrior: 3500


Once on a planet very far away lived a warrior called Buaroza The wonder.
He was Wondereous warrior using fighting no other had ever seen before. affraid
But as boy when training he was got told by his mentor's to stop fighting like this.
So he combined his own fighting skill's with the saiyan ones.
Buar (His nickname which is easier to rememeber) Was sent on a misson to fin d the red planet. At the age of human 20.Additionally he was given a Scouter, Space pod, a supply of food, tracking device, log , new better Armor and some random picture of a blonde saiyan.( Arrow link for the picture http://fc93.deviantart.com/fs18/f/2007/206/5/6/FEMALE_SUPER_SAIYAN_2_by_dovianax.jpg) Shocked Shocked .

Chapter 1 of charcter story coming soon xD

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Character sheet
Name: Buaroza
Race: Saiya-Jin
Powerlevel: 1,560,000

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