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Fresh Start

Post  Abyss on Thu Dec 25, 2008 5:46 pm

I have decided to start all over again. All posts except the Forum RPG posts are deleted and we want a fresh start.

Why? you ask.

Things weren't going great. We promised releases that we could never make and we started the project all wrong. We now have a whole new approach to the game and community. This also means a change in how we act against spam and abusive users on the forums.


- New Forum rules Read them thoroughly!
- We act stronger against spam
- Members who do not posts for longer than a month are considered inactive and will be deleted (Of course, if you are moving or anything we can make exceptions)
- We will update you alot more about the game and our plans
- Posts in the wrong sections will be deleted or moved depending on my mood

Thats about all for the forums, now the game:

We are very busy with school and real life things so we need a team. For a team we need a little more original game then we have now, thats why I decided to make a few changes to the game.

1. We will use new sprites for more detail in faces and clothing. The LSW styled sprites AnarchoElk made are preferred but we first want his permission to use them.

2. We will create whole new tiles that match the LSW styled sprites. Our game will use custom graphics only.

3. The GUI will be remade. The GUI is the first impression you get from the game so it has to look awesome.

4. We will create a whole new storyline, it will be based on DBZ but with custom Hero's, Villains, Moves, Races and Plot.

5. The game will be a Roleplaying game. You act like you ARE your character. You talk like you would talk in real life and act like that. People can write stories about the events that occured ingame and this is a part of the storyline. In latter stages of the game NPC's will only give quests if your allignment matches theirs.
It's explained further in this topic: Ingame Roleplaying: Explained

~DBU Team


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