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Post  Tharsten on Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:50 pm


So, a few updates about the game.
First of all, I added hunger!
The hunger works like this:

There is a new hunger stat that drains over time. After a while, when the stat is fully drained, your Health and Stamina will half, and you will not regain HP and Stamina anymore, because you need food first. You can prevent this by eating food. You can make your hunger full again by eating food. When you're not hungry anymore, your HP and Stamina will go to 100% again, and you will regain again.

Second, I added reflective tiles.

-Reflective tiles:
When you walk next to water, ice, a mirror, or any other material that reflects, you see your reflection!

Okay, I also found a bug with the icons (See topic "Icons"), when you right-click someone, you walk away so the icons wont be above his head anymore. I'll try to make it so that when you right-click a person, you wont walk towards him.

At last, I would like if you guys gave your opinions about te questions I asked you about guilds. (see Guild topic)

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