Hatigashi, the Half Legendary Saiyan

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Hatigashi, the Half Legendary Saiyan Empty Hatigashi, the Half Legendary Saiyan

Post  Nasisorico on Tue Nov 04, 2008 12:14 am

Age: 5
Race: Half Legendary Saiyan Half Saiyan
PL: 5000
Current Location: Vegeta
Alignment: 50(He doesn't want to be though.... read on)
Hatigashi was a saiyan born without a family to care for him. It is said that the people who gave birth to him ran away. anyway, Hatigashi is A Legendary Super Saiyan, by myth. He born of one, and born of another Low-Class Saiyan. Somehow, these two genes mixed inside of his body, forming a power that exceeded that of a normal Legendary Super Saiyan even. He has chosen to folow the path of good though, after a loving Saiyan took him in and cared for him. He didn't care much that he was stronger than most people on the planet by such an early age, all he cared about was that he had a family.
Until the Tuffle Rebellion
He remembered this Saiyan hiding him away from the tuffles, trying to save him while risking himself against the army. Hatigashi knew he was dead the moment he stepped put of the door. This Caused him to blow up in anger, taking a whole section of Vegeta along with him, as well as the Tuffles.
The event has been hushed ever since.
Now, with no one to care for him, Hatigashi realizes the hardships of life, and the fact that he is special compared to the other Saiyans. His power can make him the strongest in the world, at the cost of his sanity. He has two races running through his blood, technically the same, but not really.
All he knows now is that for him to live in life, he must train so he doesn't lose anybody else to the Tuffles, his main source of hate.
His main attack is the Hantirato. It is a Huge, Turqoise colored beam. It moves slowly, but it allows him to gather the energy of the things around him in a 5 mile radius. Not that it matters on Vegeta, since hardly anything survives. His anger is also a source of power, but there are two types for him. The regular anger, known to boost his power up to about two times his regular, and his other type of anger, making him go further, but also making him lose his sanity, going haywire and destroying anything in his way. Another move he has is the Super Explosive Wave, trapping up all the energy from inside him and releasing it all. Also, he loves rushing the opponent, and slamming them into the ground, and never lets up on his pursuit.
With his quite large, he is able to stand up to Saiyan teenagers in terms of height. In strength he outright demolishes them. His downfall is that he isn't the fastest, therefore gets only one or two big hits in.
He Is black, and has a ponytail tied by a piece of his father's clothing. His eyes are red, and piercing. He has always seemed to be able to notice the good or bad in someone, and also seems to be able to discern right from wrong. He also is very wise at his age, able to make some very difficult decisions. However, his emotions do get the best of him some time
Will he complete his journey before total insanity consumes him? Only time will tell............

Techniques: Power Up, Sense, Fly, Hantirato, SEW, Zanzoken, Power Down, Focus

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Character sheet
Name: Hatigashi
Race: Saiya-Jin
Powerlevel: 40000/400000

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Hatigashi, the Half Legendary Saiyan Empty Irony

Post  Pokakaa on Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:26 pm

I thought of my character with that same race half LS half S I did not think anyone else would think of that...


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