Let The Battle Begin

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Let The Battle Begin

Post  Mageta on Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:22 am

"Bring It ON" growls Fluub "With Pleasure" I joke, "May I Go First" I say while laughing "Be my guest" He says, I pull my hand up like im doing an Eraser Cannon a black ball appears then I yell "DARKNESS CANNON" I just throw the attack at Fluub but he just slighty moves to the left "Hahahahahahaha You Can Do Better Than That" He chuckles then he flys up to me and starts to kick 17X "Owwwwwww" I groan "Horokanu Rush" I say as I fly to him now and i punch him 13X knee him in the gut and fly away, he gets mad here and makes all this smoke and flees but while he's fleeing he yells " I'LL BE BACK WITH MORE PEOPLE TO TAKE DOWN YOUR HUMAN RACE" then he dissapears "ive got to get more saiyans to help" so I get in my ship and head back to Planet Vegeta......... To Be Continued

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